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Fast track your property investment through co-ownership

- Sunday, August 02, 2009
Ownership of an investment property is the dream of most Australians but for some it may be too great an undertaking to manage alone.

That’s why a growing number of budding investors are looking to crack the market by pooling their resources and taking advantage of co-ownership opportunities.

Australian residential property has historically performed well, typically doubling on average in value every eight to 12 years, and it is this solid growth that has attracted investors over time.

In the past property investment was considered only an option for the wealthy, but today it can be within reach of most working Australians with the right approach.

Investors that don’t have the resources to make an outright purchase can club together with friends or family to increase their buying power.

There are a number of advantages associated with investing via co-ownership but there are also some pitfalls would-be investors should consider.

A joint purchase will mean that the burden of a deposit can be split, which can be a great advantage for buyers with limited savings.

There are other costs that can also be reduced through co-ownership. Stamp duty, land taxes, conveyancing costs and maintenance fees can all be essentially halved when buying with a partner.

While there are no doubt numerous advantages of co-ownership there are also some potentially negative points that should be considered.

It is essential that you pick you partner carefully, for example. Make sure that they are trustworthy and capable of meeting their commitment to the mortgage.

It is also important that a firm agreement is established regarding how long the property is held and under what conditions it is sold.

With the right approach co-ownership can make the dream of property investment a reality years earlier than many would-be buyers could hope for should they purchase on their own – no wonder this is a fast growing segment of the market.


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