Reverse Mortgage Loans or Seniors Home Equity Release Loan for Over 55's

As governments put more responsibility on individuals to fund their own retirements, many people find that their super and other income sources such as the pension don't provide enough money to support the lifestyle they want. An obvious option is to sell their biggest asset - their home, but that too may be part of the way they want to live.

This is where a reverse mortgage may provide the answer. A reverse mortgage is available to residential property owners over 55. It allows you to release funds using the equity in your home. You can use these funds as an income stream or for personal lifestyle needs like travel, home improvements etc.

Like a traditional mortgage there's interest to pay, but you don't have to make monthly repayments. The interest is capitalised, which means it's added to the amount of the loan.

When your home is eventually sold you'll pay back the amount of the loan (the cash you received) plus the interest owing.

There are a range of reverse mortgage options available. Which one is the most appropriate for you depends on your individual circumstances and other factors.

This is where our knowledge and experience can be invaluable. We look at your total situation and work with you to explain all your options and the advantages and risks associated with each. We'll ensure you get the full benefits from the loan of your choice.

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David Carruthers is a credit representative (Credit Representative Number [400226]) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237).