How We Work

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us.

You can expect to be met by the director of the company at your home or office at a time convenient to you. The principal is university trained in finance with over 18 years experience in completing residential and commercial lending providing you with a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon.

The procedure begins with an initial meeting, where we gather the relevant data relating to your situation. A part of the meeting is dedicated to educating you on how different finance systems work and which system will be most beneficial to you. We also wish to learn about the history behind your data and ask questions about your goals for the future as these points are critical to the success of your new system.

From the collected data and your individual requirements we begin to create the framework of your system. We use the latest technology to assist us analyzing over 30 lenders with over 300 products to find a solution which meets your needs. On completion we present the information from the analysis to you in a clear and concise manner.

In the subsequent and final interview you are engaged in the fine tuning and finalizing of your package. We then complete all the necessary paperwork and lodge your application with the appropriate lender. CFS follows up the lender and keeps you regularly informed along the way so that you have a single point of contact making it easy to keep track of your loan progress.

The benefit of this whole process is that your application often meets with FIRST TIME APPROVAL.

The settlement of your loan is not the end of our commitment to you. We continue to work with you on a regular basis so we can keep fine tuning the process. This means you can achieve the ultimate outcome with your system, to be debt free sooner.

CFS is based on six key standards:-

1. Communication.

We believe that communication is paramount. Sounds simple but we have seen many individuals and companies fail in this easily overlooked standard. CFS is not run by nameless people behind a phone. We guarantee to respond to your request within 24 hrs.

2. Education.

We educate our clients in simple debt reducing principles. The CFS system shows you how to save thousands on interest and fees and teaches financial common sense.

3. No Jargon.

Finance has its own often complex world of terminology. We explain all financial jargon to you in an easy to understand manner saving you from unnecessary doubts about your loan.

4. Information.

You are always informed of every issue relating to your request for financial advice. From your initial interview CFS uses the latest technology keeping you fully in touch with how your loan application is progressing. You are never left wondering where your loan application is up to.

5. Continual ongoing support.

CFS clients know that they have been given their first steps to financial stability and are on the way to financial independence. We continue to work with you on an ongoing basis by providing:-

  • phone support
  • seminar notifications
  • a monthly newsletter.
  • Regular updates
  • Yearly reassessment

This ongoing support allows our clients timely financial success.

6. Ethics.

Trust is paramount in dealing in finance. At CFS we provide our financial services in a professional manner with outstanding knowledge and planning. We pride ourselves on confidentiality and do not disclose any information without the specific consent of our clients. We epitomize the best and highest ethical standards of the financial services profession. CFS is also a longstanding member of MIAA the peak industry regulator giving you the confidence to release your most sensitive information.

It’s these key values and processes that add up to better customer service and the development of successful long-term working relationships. To learn more about the services and programs that CFS offers to you please click the button below.

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David Carruthers is a credit representative (Credit Representative Number [400226]) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237).